Warm and Cool Color

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Warm and cool color is the basic knowledge in the art painting. Understanding color choices and implied perceptions can help you create a more effective design without unintended color miscues.




Warm Color



Warm color such as red, yellow and orange and as the name indicates, they make you think of sunlight and heat. Warm color are often used to paint the walls of living spaces in home and used to accents to pop out neutral shades. These colors are inviting, happy, cozy and can create an active response in the brain. An abundance of warm color can get overwhelming and is best matched with neutral tones.




Cool Color



Cool colors are blue, green and purple. These colors give calming, soothing and should be matched with open spaces such as white space or neutrals on your website. Cool hues bring about a more passive reaction in the brain and can make a person feel pleased and relaxed.