Type Of Artist Paint Brush

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The paint brush is the important thing must have before you start your painting. The final results of painting depend from your brushwork, so it is very important to use good quality brushes and top quality paint. The shapes and sizes of the brushes you choose depend mainly on how large you want to work. Below, are the name of paint brush part and list type of artist paint brush : 




1.   Brush Part :                                                                                                                                                                            

  • Bristles : can be natural, synthetic or combination of both.
  • Ferrule : made from silver that connect bristles with the handle.
  • Crimp :  ferrule part that secures handle.
  • Handle : made from wood or acrylic.




2.   Brush Type :






It contain round with a pointed tip and available in a wide variety of sizes. Generally use this brush for sketching, filling in small area, outlining, useful for details and lines or edges. Round brushes blend very softly.






This brush has long bristles and straight edge for applying color evenly to an area. They hold a lot of paint and can be used for bold on the edge for lines. Flats are useful to cover a big area of paint or the background. It long haired flat brushes are ideal for varnishing.






A bright brush is similar to a flat brush, but it has shorter bristles. It has flat with edges curved inward at tip with short hair which good for short controlled strokes, thick and better for working up close rather than holding the brush at a distance from the canvas.






This brush contain flat with rounded ends that make soft strokes and goods for blending. This brush is sort of a combination of the rounds because they can be used for details and flat because they can cover more space than round.






A fan brush contain fan shaped bristles and they come in many sizes and thicknesses. Fan brush are good for smoothing, painting grasses, tree limbs, blending cloudy skies and highlights. For acrylics, use strong and sturdy one, otherwise the hairs will clump when paint is added.






This brush are suitable reach small areas with tip, filling corner and cover lots of space.






A rigger brush has thin and long bristles which are great tool for painting lines or text.