Tips for Oil Painting Dry Faster

Posted by Artpainting Staff 21/11/2016 0 Comment(s)


This article is about the tips for oil painting dry faster. As we know, the process for the oil paint to dry is long maybe in week or month. With this tips, it can help your oil painting can dry within a few hours or days.





Place an oil painting in the room that is warmer because the cold room will slow the drying process of oil painting. You are advised not to use extreme heat to dry the painting such as the use of a hair dryer. This is because it will make the drying process becomes more severe.



2)Layers of Painting


During the drawing, painting in thin layers below the thick layers will make the painting dry faster. If you paint thick layer under thin layer, the upper layer will dry first and this will cause your paint crack and ruining the effect.



3)Paint on Flat Surface


Paint your oil painting on flat surfaces. Oil paint on textured canvas tends to dry more slowly, as thick globs of paint fill the crevices of the canvas. A flat surface such as board ensures the paint is evenly dispersed and dried.



4)Use Drying Medium


Drying medium will help your painting drying faster such as liquin, liquin fine detail medium, liquin light gel medium, liquin impasto, just for oil based mediums. For water mixable oils, you can use impasto medium, AWM linseed oil or sunflower oil.