The Differences between Oil Paint and Acrylic Paint

Posted by Artpainting Staff 09/11/2016 0 Comment(s)



Some people may see oil painting and acrylic painting are identical but there have some important differences. Oil paints have long lasting quality, more pigment in color, allowing richer and more vivid color. Acrylic paint is a fast-drying paint where in the paint pigment is suspended in an acrylic polymer emulsion. Acrylic paint is liquid soluble, it means the paint can be diluted and brushes cleaned with water.



The differences between oil painting and acrylic painting in solubility, acrylic paint is water soluble whereas oil painting is non-water soluble. Oil painting needs to mix and dilute oil paint with linseed oil.Acrylic paint brushes can be cleaned with water but for oil paint brushes must use turpentine to clean up the brushes.



The drying time for acrylic paint dries quickly than oil paint. Acrylic paint can dry within an hour or minutes while oil paint will stay wet for days or weeks depending upon the humidity and temperature. But, once acrylic paint dries, it is permanent and cannot be altered. Oil painting can be remoistened with a medium and added to or altered.



Besides, acrylic paint is cheaper and versatile than oil paint. It also can be dilute with water almost like watercolors. Usually acrylic paint will dry slightly darker than when it looks when wet, so you need to mix a color that is slightly lighter. Oil paint will dry same color as applied.



If you are doing large painting and require many sessions to complete the painting, oil paint is the best choice since its dry slower and can be remoistened with a solvent. You also can paint in layers and layers of color in the style of old masters to make the painting more beautiful.