Techniques in Oil Painting

Posted by Artpainting Staff 04/11/2016 0 Comment(s)


Oil painting is very popular because they dry slow and enable you to work with the paint for quite a while after applied it to canvas. This article have a few techniques in oil painting for beginner.


  1. For painting with heavy color, you must apply thick layers over thin layers. This is to make sure thin layers can dry quickly.
  2. For the layers, you are encourage to use slow drying colors on the top because when applying fast drying color on top, it will cause your painting crack.
  3. During each painting session, place your oil paint in the same order during each painting session.
  4. Contrasting the colors to create a three-dimensional feeling.
  5. Apply opaque colors over the top of transparent colors when showing the transparency of an object in the painting.
  6. For the beginner, use linseed oil for the painting because it dries the most thoroughly within the under paintings.
  7. Dry your painting in the studio rather than a closet because dark and enclosed area conditions cause the oils dry funny, yellowing and bleeding to the surface.
  8. Start with small canvas and simple subjects to understand how to manipulate the paint.
  9. Learning how to mix any color in the spectrum with just the three primary colors which are red, yellow and blue.
  10. Try mixing various yellows, blues and grays for a more natural looking green rather than just using a green straight from the tube.
  11. Use informal brush strokes that not follow a pattern and run in different direction.
  12. Avoid using ivory black for an under-painting or sketching as it dries much slower than other oil paints.
  13. When your palette dries and form wrinkles, it means that you have use to much oil.
  14. Put a tiny quantity on a piece of paper and let it evaporate if you are not sure whether a bottle of mineral or white spirits is suitable for oil painting
  15. Use pigments that containing manganese, cobalt and lead to accelerate drying. It also are ideal for under layers.