List Of Oil Painting Materials For Beginner

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Oil painting is the process of combining of pigment, binder and thinner. Pigment is the color element suspended in drying oils as the binder. Binder act as holds the ground-up pigment to be applied to the canvas or other painting surface. Commonly used drying oils include walnut oil, seed oil and sunflower oil. The choice of oil impact of the oil paint such as the amount of yellowing or drying time.




1.Oil Paint


The basic color of oil paint for beginner :

  • titanium white
  • cadmium red
  • cadmium yellow
  • cadmium yellow light
  • phthalo blue
  • phthalo green
  • permanent green light




2.A Charcoal Pencil


Use charcoal pencil to sketch out your painting at canvas. Charcoal works pretty good on the texture of canvas.




3.Painting Brushes


For a beginner, you just need one or two small, medium and large round brushes. When using oil paint, you are encourage use hog brushes instead of synthetic brushes. They are durable so can withstand  the use of solvents and they are designed to lift the heaviness of oils.




4.A Palette


A palette is a flat surface which you mix you color paint and spread out on the palette. The palette can be held in your hand or placed on a neighboring surface. Its commonly made of wood, large piece of glass or ceramic.





At the end of a painting session clean all the brushes you used with turpentine to get the paint out of your brushes. Unlike watercolors or acrylics, you can’t clean up oil paint with water.




6.Linseed Oil


It will act as medium softer to thin your oil paint to attain an ideal consistency without losing the paint’s texture. When you mix oil paint color, you will find they are easier to mix when add linseed oil. You won’t need much linseed oil, just dab your brush into the medium before mixing color.




7.A Painter’s Easel


An easel is used to hold the canvas in a vertical position and keeping the canvas secure and upright. You not need an expensive easel, at least an easel can be adjustable to your height whether you sit or stand.






Canvas act as the surface for oil paintings when you are ready to paint. If you use wood, thick paper or any other surface you should coat it with gesso. Gesso protects the fibers of canvas and makes the work surface a little bit softer for paint.