How To Care Your Paint Brush

Posted by Artpainting Staff 19/10/2016 0 Comment(s)


Paint brush is the most valuable tools in art painting for the artist and some paint brush are very expensive. You must care your brush to make them last longer and stay functional throughout their lifespan. The purpose of this article is to guide you care for your paint brush.




1)  Clean paint brush immediately


After you done using brush, you must clean brush as soon as possible to avoid damage to the bristles. You should avoid leaving your brushes head down in such a jar because the bristles will promptly bend and lose shape.




2)  Don’t leave brush in water or solvent


It can misshape the bristles and if they are left too long to rest on the bristles, most brushes will never regain to their original shape. Besides, it also can cause wood swell and glue inside the ferrule that holding the bristles to the handle will degrades.




3)  Never pull on the bristles


When you clean up your paint brush, don’t pull on the bristles because it can cause the bristles hair damage




4)  Rinse the paint brush


Rinse the brush or roller under a tap until the water runs clear.