Difference Between Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Color

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Before you start your painting, you should know the basic color to combine your paint color. Without the basic information, it will make your color combination not nice.




Primary Color


Primary colors are color that cannot be formed by any combination color but if you mix any two primary colors, it will make other colors. There are three primary color which are red, yellow and blue.  If you mix three primary colors, it will produce black color.


Red + Yellow + Blue = Black













Secondary Color


Secondary colors are formed by combinations of two primary colors. There are orange, violet and green.


Red + Yellow = Orange

Red + Blue = Violet

Yellow + Blue = Green












Tertiary Color


Tertiary colors are derived by mixing a primary color with a secondary color. The names of tertiary color are start with primary color then secondary color. Below are the example of tertiary colors :


Red + Orange = Red-orange

Red + Violet = Red-violet

Yellow + Orange = Yellow-orange

Yellow + Green = Yellow-green

Blue + Violet = Blue-violet

Blue + Green = Blue-green