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Was born 1966 in Penang Malaysia .Educated from Saint Academy Of Art Malaysia. Become Full time artist since 1990. Participated in numerous art exhibitions local and abroad since 1996. Won a few award from local art competition and oversea. My painting was collected by private collector. Local and international.

My painting was an abstract painting with figure. My inspiration came through nature and human .I like to see the character of people with difference mood and action in difference situation. I love people and nature everything growth with survival is a life challenge.

Location: Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Work: Full Time Artist

Education: Saint Academy Of Art Malaysia. Graduated 1986

“Sculpture of Nature”

Fondness for the abstract is among the inspiration that propels Sabri Mohd Salleh to produce his many masterpieces. He is a keen observer of nature, finding the flow of movement from flora and fauna and the natural environment. As such, it shows as he finds a particular shape and tone befitting the subject matter that he have chosen. In other words, he sculpts nature the way he envision it in his paintings.

One of his other possessions is travelling. This contributed towards his works as he is able to compare new and foreign landscapes with our own local environment, here in Malaysia. Though he prefers Malaysia, he says, his travels is a definite inspiration in his paintings.

Using acrylic on canvas, Sabri Salleh produces paintings that highlight his unique interpretation. In his version, the realm of the abstract has its own for, flow, and tone. His creation is the confluence of these three elements. He achieves balance in his work by applying his keen observation and mastery of colour. This is evident as his paintings are populated by myriad of amazing colours

As such, this aptly titled collection, “Sculpture of Nature”, is a resounding tribute to the vagaries of nature; its many forms and varied features conceptualized in an abstract interpretation.

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Sabri Salleh Gallery's at Galeri Cempaka, Malaysia Craft Center, Jln Conlay, Kuala Lumpur.

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Abstract Painting Prints on Canvas by Sabri Salleh ABS001SS-C

Abstract Painting Prints on Canvas by Sabri Salleh ABS007SS-C

Abstract Painting Prints on Canvas by Sabri Salleh ABS002SS-C

Abstract Painting Prints on Canvas by Sabri Salleh ABS003SS-C